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Recipe: Pear, Mint and Ginger Green Smoothie

Here is another green smoothie, this one is pear, mint and ginger flavoured. As with most green smoothies, even though they are vibrantly green, they actually do not taste like the greens within the smoothie, rather they have the flavour of the fruit in the drink. Not sure? Try it for yourself and see. Recipe: […]

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Recipe: Zesty & Refreshing Green Smoothie

A delicious green smoothie that is fresh, zesty and refreshing. A great way to bring in spring!   Don’t be scared of the green-ness- the fruit and the mint make it quite delicious! Recipe: Zesty & Refreshing Green Smoothie Ingredients: a handful of green leafy veggies: such as baby spinach, spinach, kale, swiss chard etc 1/4 […]

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Recipe: Purple Kefir Smoothie

Ahh Kefir. So many uses, so little time! Good thing for all those kefir-lover’s out there: I have a new recipe for you!   Last time I shared the recipe for Jaffa Kefir (below). If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you do! Now, here for you today is another colourful and delicious kefir […]

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80+ Ways & Recipes To Use Milk Kefir

Got milk kefir and not sure how to use it? Here are 70+ ways & recipes to use it. Here are now 80+ ways to use milk kefir! Some things you should know: What kefir ? What are fermented foods? How to make milk kefir. Storing kefir for ripening & reducing lactose Kefirpedia There are a lot […]

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Recipe: Green Spinach Pancakes!

I know sometimes it can be hard to get greens in your diet, but here is another way to inspire you: Green Spinach Pancakes! These were born simply from my idea of wanting to make a green smoothie into a pancake! Oh, and for those spinach-haters, here is some good news: these pancakes don’t taste like spinach, they just taste like banana […]

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Recipe: Fermented Buckwheat Pancakes with Biodynamic Currants & Cultured Butter

Certain food preparations can help increase nutritional content of foods. Such food preparations include sprouting (see: sprouted wheat crepes, sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted wheat cookies), soaking and fermenting (see: guest post on fermented foods, ) grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. These practices are all beneficial as they help to neutralize anti-nutrients as well as increase […]

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Sprouted Wheat Crepes

Like fermentation, sprouting can greatly increase the nutritional profile of certain grains [source]. I sprouted some wheat and decided to make crepes. I love these crepes because they are made from whole intact sprouted grains, they’re really easy to make and taste great. So I’m sharing the recipe with you! Sprouted Wheat Crepes Serves: 2 Ingredients: […]

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Quinoa Fruit Salad with Coconut-Passionfruit Cream

A delicious fruit salad recipe with almonds, quinoa and coconut-passionfruit cream.

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Recipe: Sweet Breakfast Omelette (What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Toast)

sweet breakfast omelette with toasted nuts, honey and lemon curd. Ahh the sweet delicious breakfast omelette, sister to savoury omelette, and the healthier cousin to pancakes, crepes and toast! Low in carbohydrates and high in protein this is sure to satisfy all egg lovers (and hopefully convert a few!). This is definitely a recipe I […]

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Spelt Banana Pikelets

spelt banana pikelets topped with raspberries and lemon curd For those that don’t know, I should explain what Pikelets are. They are a thicker yet smaller version of a pancake. Here’s another way to think of them- they are smaller than a “standard” sized pancake but larger than a Dutch pancake (Poffertjes). I like to […]

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