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Healthy Breakfast

Recipe: Veggie-Rich Lentil Soup with Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt & Fresh Herbs

Here is a delicious, warming soup recipe which I hope you will love as much as I did! I’ve used sheep’s milk yoghurt in this recipe (as a garnish), but you’re welcome to use any other yoghurt you like instead. To make the yoghurt a bit more probiotic, you could mix in a bit of […]

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Recipe: Sourdough Oat Pancakes

Here is a delicious new recipe for you! In this pancake recipe I have used Oats (Avena sativa) instead of a refined flour wheat flour, which is commonly used in pancake recipes.  According to traditional herbal medicine, Oats are described as having the actions of a nervine tonic, tonic and thymoleptic which are properties that tone […]

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Recipe: Delicious Slow-Cooked Pulled Hogget Shoulder

I love slow-cooking meats (see here) because it’s really only a few minutes of work and at the end of the day/cooking time you will have produced a flavourful delicious dish with little effort! You can make this in the oven or a slow-cooker. Either way you cook it, the recipe is still really easy and very […]

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Recipe: Sautéed Spinach & Sweet Potato with Yoghurt

Here is yet another delicious and nutrient-rich recipe to get dark green leafy veggies in your diet! I hope you enjoy it! Sautéed Spinach & Sweet Potato with Yoghurt Recipe info/allergen info: This recipe is dairy-free (if exluding the yoghurt) and it is gluten-free and egg-free. Makes: 1 serve. Double etc for a larger quantity & more serves. […]

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Recipe: Sprouted (or Soaked) Chickpea Panisse

Panisse are a type of delicious french chick pea chip (or fry for our US friends). Normally these are made with chickpea flour (besan/garbanzo flour) but me being the lover of whole, real food and the nutrition-maximizing gal I am, I made them using the whole chickpea and sprouted them myself. (Here is a little guide on sprouting legumes, […]

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Recipe: Green Energy Soup (A Mitochondria Supporting Recipe)

When we want to eat food to make us feel energetic and happy (which is what food should do), we need to stick to whole, real foods. This because our body needs more than just carbohydrates to produce energy. There are many micro-nutrients we need for optimal mitochondrial function (mitochondria are the “energy factories” of our cells). This is […]

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Recipe: Paleo Zucchini & Goats Cheese Hash Browns

Here is another healthy recipe for those who follow the Paleo Diet or for those who just want a protein rich breakfast. Recipe: Paleo Zucchini & Goats Cheese Hash Browns Ingredients: 4 eggs 2-3 zucchini a few tsp. of chevre goats cheese, crumbled salt and pepper to taste butter or coconut oil How to: Grate the […]

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Recipe: Nettle and Berry Smoothie

In herbal medicine, Nettle (Urtica dioica) is used for it’s nutritive properties (it’s rich in many nutrients) and depurative (blood-purifying) actions, among it’s other uses (1). The nutrients in nettle leaf include: Vitamin A, C, beta-carotene, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, chlorophyll, magnesium, tannins, flavonoids, sterols and amines (2). Nettle can also be used as a food and is commonly […]

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Recipe: Healthy Chocolate Chia Seed Milkshake

Have a chocolate craving but still want something nutritious and delicious? Here is a healthy chocolate milkshake sure to fix your craving!  Chia seeds soaking! Recipe: Healthy Chocolate Chia Seed Milkshake Serves: one Allergen info: This recipe is dairy-free, gluten-free, and refined sugar free. Those with pollen allergies should avoid this recipe (or just skip the bee […]

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Recipe: Mango Green Smoothie

This mango green smoothie has to be one of my favourite combinations so far! Recipe: Mango Green Smoothie Serves: two Ingredients: 3 handfuls of leafy greens (I used baby spinach) water, enough to make a smoothie consistency that you like 1 mango, peeled, chopped and frozen (pit removed) optional extras: 1 tsp. of flax seed/flax seed oil […]

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