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Natural New Age Mum adapted Health Food Lover’s recipe for Green Spinach Pancakes:

Natural New Age Mum says: “I decided to whip up a batch of our favourite pancakes from one of the best healthy recipe blogs around, Health Food Lover. Of course, you know I never make a recipe the way it tells me to. I am a serial tweaker. So here is my version of Michelle’s fabulous Green (Spinach) Pancakes recipe. Healthiest Pancakes EVER !! Well, okay, my New Age Natural Girl, did twig something funny was afoot because they were GREEN, but she loved them. So did my New Age Natural Boy – none left for Dad !”

Jenny Swizzle adapted Health Food Lover’s recipe for Green Spinach Pancakes

Jenny Swizzle says: “We started off with spinach pikelets – half were plain and half had cheddar cheese and spring onion in them. The spinach pikelets were inspired by this Green Pancakes recipe..”.

Findyourway2011 adapted Health Food Lover’s recipe for Green Spinach Pancakes

Findyourway2011 says: “From the title, I’m sure you’re thinking, “GROSS. What in the heck?! SPINACH + PANCAKES?! Who in their right mind would do that?!”  haha, well this girl did. Because this food blogger did first. And the recipe so appealed to me that I made these pancakes. YUM.

I tricked you though- the pancakes aren’t just made with spinach. There’s a banana or two thrown in there. And trust me, it masks the taste of the spinach. Even my brother and his friend approved. Trust me… these pancakes are delicious! And they’re healthy! WIN WIN!”.

Paleo pro zdraví (Paleo Health) blogged about Health Food Lover’s recipe for Paleo Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries

Amber from the blog ReadMe adapted my recipe for Sweet Breakfast Omelette:

Amber says: “The genius idea of the Sweet Breakfast Omelette has recently inspired me to mix up my usual two-egg omelette with a sweet version every now and then. Of course, that put me in mind of sweet, egg-y breakfast foods… like French toast. Here is a paleo-friendly recipe that uses coconut and almond flours to make a more substantial, bread-y omelette that holds up well to whatever toppings you choose to douse it with. “

The Coconut Mama tried my recipe for Chilli Lime Prawns with Jalapeno and Mangp Tomato Salsa:

Tiffany The Coconut Mama says: “Today I’m sharing a recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Health Food Lover! Michelle has a variety of great recipe and health related tutorials over at her blog. I was in the mood for a light-summer dish, so I decided to make her Chili & Lime Prawns with Jalapeño and Mango Tomato Salsa. This dish is grain free, dairy free, Paleo/Primal friendly, and low carb. The mix of honey and red chili peppers give this dish a sweet and spicy flavor!

E .C. tried my recipe for  Veggie-Rich Lentil Soup with Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt and Fresh Herbs“Sorry Have not got back to you sooner, Ive made your lentil soup 3 times since the weekend lol….ive had to adapt it the last couple of times depending what i had left as far as vegis ect…BUT Ohhh Emmm Geee your lentil soup is so GOOD!!! thankyou for the recipe.:)”. 

S. S. – I’m contemplating of doing the sweet omelet this weekend! btw, the Chunky monkey ice cream?? non-dairy? genius!!!! ;)”.

Trudy tried out my recipe for Bounty Bars.

Kerryn at Fit Bodies Food tried out my recipe for Green Spinach Pancakes:

Kerryn says “Yes, these are GREEN. The secret ingredient is spinach, and no, you can’t taste it. Trust me. I was inspired by this recipe on a blog I recently discovered, Health Food Lover”.

Thanks to =Hapa&&Healthy= for trying out my Green Spinach Pancake recipe!

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