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I wrote a book! The Everything Guide to Spices for Health

Hi Health Food Lovers. I am SO excited to finally tell you that I’ve written a book! The book is called The Everything Guide to Spices for Health. It will be your guide to using spices for a healthier and more delicious life. There are plenty of delicious recipes and over 200 pages of information on […]

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Book Review: ‘The Healthy Skin Diet’ By Karen Fischer (Plus An Adapted Recipe)

Today I’m reviewing a book that I’ve been reading lately (and trying recipes from) called The Healthy Skin Diet: Your Complete Guide to Beautiful Skin in Only 8 Weeks! by Australian Nutritionist Karen Fischer (BHSc. Dip. Nut.). You may recognize Karen’s name from my review and giveaway of her Children’s health book called ‘Don’t Tell […]

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Nutritious and Tasty Snacks & Meal Ideas For Kids

These points have been developed from being inspired by my experiences being an Aunty & being a babysitter. I also am influenced by Karen’s book (read more about her book below) and from my current studies in Naturopathy. The points are spread out between age groups; some may be suitable for younger children and other […]

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Recipe: Congee (Rice Porridge)

Ealier today I decided I wanted to make my first Congee (a.k.a. chok, jook) for tea. As I had never ever made one I went to the internet and my little library of health food books for answers. In Janella Purcell’s Book ‘Elixir’ (p.213) she says that a Congee (or rice water) is made up of rice and water to a ratio of 1:5 and is […]

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How to make a Raw Chocolate Ganache Cake!

This cake is seriously so easy to make, it tastes great and it is quite a delicious looking cake! And it doesn’t contain any eggs, dairy or refined sugar! Some even go so far as to say it won’t make you fat and could even help you loose weight (but remember moderation is key). How can I […]

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My New Favourite Book: Ani's Raw Food Desserts

I just recieved this gem of a  book in the mail. The book is ‘Ani’s Raw Food Desserts: 85 Easy, Delectable Sweets and Treats‘ by Ani Phyo. Ani Phyo [pronounced P-OH] is an American raw food chef & author. Raw food chef? How can a chef  ‘cook’ raw food? Well those who are termed ‘raw foodists’ don’t actually […]

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