Happy World Health Day 7/4/10: 1000 Cities, 1000 Lives

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World Health Day 7/4/10

Tomorrow, April 7th 2010 is World Health Day!

About World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7th. It is an global health initiative to promote health-related issues around the world. This year it will run events from around the world the 7-11 of April. April 7th also marks the day the World Health Organisation formed in 1948.

1000 Cities 1000 Lives <- Have a look here to see if your city is getting involved!

What are the goals of the campaign?

From the World Health Organization website:

 The global goals of the campaign are:

  • 1000 cities: to open up public spaces to health, whether it be activities in parks, town hall meetings, clean-up campaigns, or closing off portions of streets to motorized vehicles.
  • 1000 lives: to collect 1000 stories of urban health champions who have taken action and had a significant impact on health in their cities.

This year’s theme

 This years theme is “Urbanization and Health”. This years theme reflects the growing population in urban areas and all the problems associated with that growth.

It addresses challenges related to:

  • Our water
  • Our enviroment
  • Violence and injury
  • Nncommunicable diseases (NCDs)

And risk factors such as:

  • Tobacco use
  • Unhealthy diets
  • Physical inactivity
  • Harmful use of alcohol
  • Risks associated with disease outbreaks.

Why can urbanisation become a challenge?

It can become a challenge because residents of poorer urban areas are at a higher risk of suffering from a large array of diseases and health problems and they are also at increased risk for violence, chronic disease, and for some people communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

What are the World Health Organizations proposed solutions?

The World Health Organization aims to tackle these issues by proposing urban planning which can help to promote healthier behaviours and safety. They will aim to do this through increased investment in active transport, newly designed areas which would help to increase physical activity and it will aim to regulated tabacco and food safety.

It will also help to improve urban living conditions by promoting better housing, water and sanitation. These will all contribute to better health and to help diminish health risks.



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