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Recipe: Raw Vegan Mango Custard

I like to post a range of recipes for different diet styles, because no one diet fits us all. We’re all individuals which means we don’t all eat the same way. Today I have a vegan recipe which happens to be raw. Though this recipe could also really be eaten by those who follow a […]

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Recipe: Grass Fed Beef Pho + How To Make Bone Broth

 I love soups. They are nourishing, easy to digest, inexpensive,  soothing, delicious and of course nutritious. I have quite a few soupy recipes on this blog such as the Purple Valentine’s Day Soup, Seriously Good Sprouted Chickpea Soup and the Herby Veggie Chicken Soup with Quinoa. Soups can be powered with protein, rich in minerals and vitamins, hydrating, […]

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Recipe: Congee (Rice Porridge)

Ealier today I decided I wanted to make my first Congee (a.k.a. chok, jook) for tea. As I had never ever made one I went to the internet and my little library of health food books for answers. In Janella Purcell’s Book ‘Elixir’ (p.213) she says that a Congee (or rice water) is made up of rice and water to a ratio of 1:5 and is […]

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