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How To Make Lemon Curd

What I love about making food with whole foods is that you can make healthier alternatives of foods you can buy at the shops. Why bother you ask? Well because making these alternatives can be so easy, healthier, cheaper (and so much tastier) than their unhealthy counterparts. Last week I made some decadent lemon curd […]

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Recipe: Sweet Breakfast Omelette (What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Toast)

sweet breakfast omelette with toasted nuts, honey and lemon curd. Ahh the sweet delicious breakfast omelette, sister to savoury omelette, and the healthier cousin to pancakes, crepes and toast! Low in carbohydrates and high in protein this is sure to satisfy all egg lovers (and hopefully convert a few!). This is definitely a recipe I […]

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Boiled Eggs, Olives and Zesty Lime and Herb Mayo

Boiled Eggs, OlivesĀ and Zesty Lime & Herb Mayo on Toast I have to admit it may not look the prettiest but this recipe is absolutely delish! The Zesty Lime & Herb Mayo is really what makes it so great. It is filling enough for lunch or dinner or haveĀ  half the amt stated (one piece […]

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