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Recipe: Seriously Good Curried Sprouted Chickpea Soup

I wish I could claim this recipe as my own, but alas it isn’t. I first discovered this recipe on breastfeeding mom unites linkup sometime ago, where she (Melodie) posted the recipe. The recipe is from the Re-Bar Cookbook (disclaimer: not an affiliate/sponsored link). I’m re-posting it is because I’ve adapted the recipe a little bit […]

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Sprouted Wheat Crepes

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Like fermentation, sprouting can greatly increase the nutritional profile of certain grains [source]. I sprouted some wheat and decided to make crepes. I love these crepes because they are made from whole intact sprouted grains, they’re really easy to make and taste great. So I’m sharing the recipe with you! Sprouted Wheat Crepes Serves: 2 Ingredients: […]

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