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Slow Cooking

Recipe: Slow-Cooked Kangaroo Bolognese with Zucchini Spaghetti

This bolognese is really very delicious and is worth the wait to cook it! This is actually the second time I’ve made it. The first time I used organic beef, while this time around I used kangaroo mince. Both were great. The first time I served the bolognese on some steamed veggies which is another […]

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Recipe: Congee (Rice Porridge)

Ealier today I decided I wanted to make my first Congee (a.k.a. chok, jook) for tea. As I had never ever made one I went to the internet and my little library of health food books for answers. In Janella Purcell’s Book ‘Elixir’ (p.213) she says that a Congee (or rice water) is made up of rice and water to a ratio of 1:5 and is […]

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