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Recipe: Homemade Buttermilk, Spelt and Date Hot Cross Buns

I’ve mentioned before that I personally don’t consume grain products everyday (see sweet breakfast omelette – what to eat when you don’t eat toast), which is mostly due to the fact that most stores don’t carry products I deem worthy of consuming. For instance if you look at the label of  most commercial ‘sourdough’ breads, […]

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80+ Ways & Recipes To Use Milk Kefir

Got milk kefir and not sure how to use it? Here are 70+ ways & recipes to use it. Here are now 80+ ways to use milk kefir! Some things you should know: What kefir ? What are fermented foods? How to make milk kefir. Storing kefir for ripening & reducing lactose Kefirpedia There are a lot […]

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All About Kefir + A Recipe for Homemade Organic Kefir with Lemon Zest & Raspberries

What Is Kefir? Kefired milk (or Kefir; said as ke-fear), is the fermented dairy* product made from adding Kefir grains** (which are also known as Kefir; see picture above which shows kefir’s cauliflower-like appearance) into milk to ferment. The Kefir grains are a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast which exist on a structure of polysaccharide, protein, amino […]

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